Victoria and Audie

Classic Traditional Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

April 4, 2018
Victoria and Audie approached Cabinet Depot wanting to update their Cantonment home’s tired looking kitchen, dining room and bathroom. While they knew they loved classic design, they needed help creating a fresh take on traditional design elements. Cabinet Depot helped them achieve just that with a style called...
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Ted and Susan

Pensacola Transitional Style Kitchen

February 7, 2018
If you’re like our clients Ted and Susan, you love a traditional style kitchen and find a certain solace in simple and strong design. To keep things interesting, however, we like to add a little zest with elements that have a contemporary twist. This combination of classic and modern styles designed by Cabinet...
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Gulf Breeze Sleek and Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

November 29, 2017
Occasionally, a customer walks in to the Cabinet Depot showroom with a totally clear vision of how they want to remodel their kitchen. This was the case with a recent visit from a lovely Gulf Breeze homeowner. Our designers took this vision, paired it with items from our wide selection of cabinets and hardware, and...
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Crystal and Aron

Cordova Park Kitchen Remodel

October 23, 2017
One of the first things that first-time home buyers Crystal & Aron wanted to do was gut their outdated kitchen in their home in the Cordova Park neighborhood in Pensacola, Florida. We were excited to help them transform their dark, closed in kitchen to an open, welcoming family space during their kitchen...
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Jimmy and Joy

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

March 21, 2017
    Jimmy and Joy enlisted the help of the talented designers at Cabinet Depot to modernize their new condo. Following their request to incorporate their beloved nautical theme, we added unique details and cool colors for new cabinets, hardware and countertops. A Modern Remodel with Classic Styling Jimmy...
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Beach House Kitchen Remodel

December 7, 2016
Alison approached Cabinet Depot with a real and very common problem: Her Pensacola Beach home had great bones, but suffered from an outdated kitchen. The tired cabinets were arranged in a constraining layout, while the passé finishes and out-of-date hardware did little to reflect the modern look she desired. To...
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Bob and Paula

Kitchen Counter & Cabinets

July 14, 2016
Here’s one of our favorite recent projects! Bob and Paula came to Cabinet Depot looking to update the kitchen in their newly purchased home. They had two goals in mind: to open up the kitchen to the living room area and to gain more storage space. We were able to accomplish both goals in this project. To provide...
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Ed and Tonjia

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

July 7, 2016
Ed and Tonjia came to Cabinet Depot with their house plans before construction began on their new home. Our designers worked closely with them to discover exactly what they wanted and how they would use their new kitchen. While the builder’s plans were nice, they left the kitchen feeling separated from the...
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My experience was terrific here because they have friendly people with endless patience for people that can’t make decisions quickly. We changed our minds several times and ended up with a very fine product.
We looked many places before going to Cabinet Depot, and we are so pleased with our choice. For anyone looking to redo their kitchen your business is THE only one I would ever recommend.
Having our home/office done by Cabinet Depot was an awesome choice. Casey took the time and effort to be sure we got the design that we wanted. She made great suggestions and was very patient throughout the entire process. Casey made the design and planning process very easy and enjoyable for my wife and me. Our experience with the people of Cabinet Depot, and their work, exceeded our high expectations, and we are exceedingly thrilled with the outcome!!
I worked with Cabinet Depot and they did all of my cabinets. They designed them and gave us pictures that made the designs come alive. They are the best, absolutely the best.
We had a set of house plans that had a big square where the kitchen was, and we had no clue how to fill it properly. We came in and Cabinet Depot designed and gave us a three-dimensional print out so we knew exactly what the kitchen would look like before we put the first cabinet in. We were thrilled!
We have been very happy with our experience using Cabinet Depot for a kitchen remodel. Brendan came out and measured and Casey helped us work out details in the new kitchen. Our old kitchen was very small so after taking out 2 walls we have all the counter space and room to work with that we is wonderful! The cabinets are so well made and we are so happy with the color and style we picked. The staff were very happy to answer the endless questions we had and we are so glad we did business with them.