Jimmy and Joy

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Accenting a full kitchen and bathroom remodel with unique, clean finishes made this newly purchased condo feel more like home.



Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel for Jimmy and Joy

Jimmy and Joy enlisted the help of the talented designers at Cabinet Depot to modernize their new condo. Following their request to incorporate their beloved nautical theme, we added unique details and cool colors for new cabinets, hardware and countertops.

A Modern Remodel with Classic Styling

Jimmy and Joy selected the Atlantic finish on the Essex door style for new cabinets from Kabinart in the kitchen island and in one of the condo’s bathrooms. This refreshing blue color added a personalized, nautical touch that worked beautifully in the condo. When choosing a finish for the other cabinets in their kitchen and additional bathroom, they elected to keep a relatively traditional look. Kabinart’s Alabaster finish, a bright white color, added a light and airy feel to these spaces.

Combining these two beautiful colors allowed the space to blend into their existing nautical theme, added visual interest and brought a relaxing feel throughout the condo. For the final finishing touches, we selected silver Whales Tales hardware which added a whimsical feel that is simply perfect for Jimmy and Joy.

Classic Countertop Combinations

The cabinet color combinations are mirrored and enhanced by the mixing of two distinct countertop materials. This current trend works to enhance functionality and increase interest through adding contrast to the design. For their island countertop, Jimmy and Joy selected the uniquely patterned Seagrove from Cambria.

On the back countertop, they elected to use Bali Sand Atlas, a beautiful gray quartz from Superior Granite. Including this muted, more traditional color towards the back of the kitchen creates depth within the newly renovated space. The bathroom countertops are both made from Superior Granite’s Iceberg, a beautiful white calcite from Brazil.

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We loved working with Jimmy and Joy on this transformation, and are proud of how well the entire design flows from room to room. If you’re ready to bring your kitchen and home out of the past, we are here to help! Our talented designers create unique spaces by incorporating the trends you love with timeless elements in stylish harmony. Call us today!