Victoria and Audie

Classic Traditional Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

April 4, 2018
Victoria and Audie approached Cabinet Depot wanting to update their Cantonment home’s tired looking kitchen, dining room and bathroom. While they knew they loved classic design, they needed help creating a fresh take on traditional design elements. Cabinet Depot helped them achieve just that with a style called...
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Ted and Susan

Pensacola Transitional Style Kitchen

February 7, 2018
If you’re like our clients Ted and Susan, you love a traditional style kitchen and find a certain solace in simple and strong design. To keep things interesting, however, we like to add a little zest with elements that have a contemporary twist. This combination of classic and modern styles designed by Cabinet...
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Tim and Marguerite

Kitchen Countertop Island

July 8, 2016
Tim and Marguerite chose Cabinet Depot based on the recommendation of a previous customer. They wanted a complete redesign of the kitchen, living room and bar area of their home. To open up the space, we needed to remove the wall between the kitchen and living room areas. However, this wall housed a large...
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