Knobs and Pulls

Ely & Allen

Kitchen Remodel & Construction in Cantonment

April 5, 2021
We envisioned lots of fun possibilities with this construction remodel, and thoroughly enjoyed working with Ely & Allen to design a kitchen area they would truly love! Our first goal was to identify the pain points and design a layout that would work well for them, as well as beautifully enhance the rest of...
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Jan & Will

Gulf Breeze Coastal Transitional Kitchen

October 2, 2020
That’s where Cabinet Depot came to the rescue! Our design team helped solve the dilemma by creating a virtual representation of their new layout in our 3-D design software. With these detailed renderings and our cabinet showroom samples in hand, we were able to turn their vision into a concrete plan they could...
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Tyler & Lana

East Hill Coastal Contemporary Farmhouse Renovation

September 2, 2020
Tyler and Lana’s home offered a lot to love, but the kitchen and attached living spaces felt isolated and cramped by modern standards. Our team of kitchen designers and licensed remodeling and construction specialist created a plan to massively overhaul the house by turning four separate rooms into one inviting,...
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Bill & Audrey

Beach Condo Kitchen Remodel in Navarre

August 16, 2019
Bill and Audrey loved their Navarre Beach condo, but the well-used kitchen cabinetry and appliances were past their prime and ready for an update. More importantly, the couple wanted to open up the kitchen to make it feel more connected to the adjacent living and dining area. A Navarre Beach Condo Kitchen Remodel...
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Shawn & Judy

Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel

February 13, 2019
Shawn and Judy knew they wanted an up-to-date kitchen and dining room remodel with lots of storage and modern appliances. It wasn’t long before they came to the conclusion that doing it all the right way required hiring an experienced design and remodeling team. Planning a Beautiful, Functional Kitchen and Dining...
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Michael and Richard

Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel in Beulah

July 27, 2018
Michael and Richard approached Cabinet Depot for help updating the kitchen and dining areas of their home in the Nature Trail neighborhood. In addition to updating the colors and design style, the homeowners wanted a layout that opened up more floorspace and took advantage of the airy, 10’ ceilings. Our first...
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Elaine and Randy

Gulf Breeze Kitchen Transitional Style Update

June 1, 2018
Elaine and Randy loved their beautiful Gulf Breeze home — except for the outdated and undersized kitchen. Storage space was insufficient, the layout was cramped, and workspace around the refrigerator, sink and stove all overlapped in one narrow area. Fitting more than one cook in this active yet tiny room was, to...
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Jackie and Jeff

Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen Remodel

May 9, 2018
Jackie and Jeff came to our designers at Cabinet Depot looking to add some much-needed pizzazz to their Cordova Park kitchen. While the old kitchen’s pure white cabinets and countertops kept the space bright, they lacked the personality and excitement the Pensacola couple wanted in this functional hub of the...
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My experience was terrific here because they have friendly people with endless patience for people that can’t make decisions quickly. We changed our minds several times and ended up with a very fine product.
We had a set of house plans that had a big square where the kitchen was, and we had no clue how to fill it properly. We came in and Cabinet Depot designed and gave us a three-dimensional print out so we knew exactly what the kitchen would look like before we put the first cabinet in. We were thrilled!
I worked with Cabinet Depot and they did all of my cabinets. They designed them and gave us pictures that made the designs come alive. They are the best, absolutely the best.
We looked many places before going to Cabinet Depot, and we are so pleased with our choice. For anyone looking to redo their kitchen your business is THE only one I would ever recommend.