Bill & Audrey

Beach Condo Kitchen Remodel in Navarre

Bill and Audrey knew they wanted more than just updated appliances and a fresh coat of paint in their beach condo kitchen remodel.

Cabinet Depot helped the Navarre couple create an entirely new floorplan with updated materials, finishes and colors for a bright and airy kitchen.

Bill and Audrey loved their Navarre Beach condo, but the well-used kitchen cabinetry and appliances were past their prime and ready for an update. More importantly, the couple wanted to open up the kitchen to make it feel more connected to the adjacent living and dining area.

A Navarre Beach Condo Kitchen Remodel for Bill & Audrey

To begin our transformation in this Navarre condo kitchen remodel we removed the old cabinetry and several walls that contained old plumbing and electrical systems. We also took out the built-in closet walls that previously housed the condo’s washer and dryer. Moving the laundry to a previously unused area left us with a dramatically larger and airier space to work with, a top priority in this condo kitchen remodel.

Once we removed the enclosing walls, we replaced them with narrow vertical columns to house the water and electric supply lines, creating a layout that preserves more of the condo’s views of the beach. We surrounded these columns with storage cabinets and seating, creating larger a workspace in the kitchen as well as flanking counter and bar-height eating areas.

Clean & Contemporary New Cabinets

The old baby blue cabinetry was replaced with maple cabinets from Kabinart’s Arts & Crafts series finished in Alabaster, a soft white with a gray tint. The simplicity of the clean, Shaker-style doors and drawers creates a visual foundation that anchors the contemporary look of the new kitchen. The greatly-improved layout provides plenty of floor space for traffic to flow in and around the kitchen, as well as abundant storage, easy access to amenities and uninterrupted views of the water from seating and working spaces.

The contemporary Kinney Collection door and drawer pulls in Brushed Satin Nickel from Top Knobs serve as a perfect accent to the cabinets. Along the back wall, glass subway tiles in Soft Mint from Glazzio provide subtle color and geometric texture in the tiled backsplash.

Space to Eat, Prep and Entertain

To create the multiple surfaces at varying heights for prep and eating, we selected Tidal Gray countertops from Atlas Quartz. Pulled together with a new wood-textured tile floor laid in a herringbone pattern, this Navarre Beach condo kitchen remodel is the perfect mix of simple beauty and improved utility.

When you’re ready to see how Cabinet Depot can transform your outdated kitchen into a space you love, give us a call!

Casey Curley

Notes from the Designer

“It can be challenging to modify the space limited in a condo due to the structure of the building. My favorite part of this remodel was creating and sharing the vision we had at Cabinet Depot of how we could transform Bill and Audrey’s kitchen. We worked really closely with the client to redesign the space and completely update the previously tight and confined kitchen. Once we removed the walls and reconfigured the sink run, it created a bright, airy and open feeling complete with beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico from any spot in the kitchen.”