Trend Alert! Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets Look Chic and Modern

Trend Alert! Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets Look Chic and Modern

October 2, 2017

Matte finishes possess a dull, flat quality, unlike shiny glossy finishes. Its muted tones remain a hot trend in kitchen designs of all styles! Matte finish kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware and furniture attract consumers who love the chic, modern look, durability and low maintenance!

matte finish kitchen cabinets

Beneficial Qualities of Matte Finish 

The elegant look and durability of a matte finish produces benefits homeowners love to have in their kitchen designs of all styles. A matte finish possesses a smooth texture and continuous even color that gives off a sense of luxury. Its ability to absorb light rather than reflect light also contributes to another favorable quality — durability. While high gloss finishes immediately show stains, smudges and scratches, matte finishes disguise them. This low maintenance comes as a relief to today’s hectic family lifestyles by keeping their matte finish kitchen cabinets looking pristine.

Install Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware 

A matte finish can be incorporated into any kitchen style. Whether it’s used in small accents or as a main focal point, a matte finish contributes to the look and design of your home. 

Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets 

Choosing matte finish kitchen cabinets will reap benefits for years to come. Its unique texture looks best in large or open floor plans. The durability also reduces the wear and tear from all the use of your cabinets!

Matte Finish Hardware

Matte black hardware in your kitchen keeps it looking fresh and clean, despite all the use of your knobs and pulls to access silverware, glasses, dishes, pots and pans and other items. Glossy finish hardware, unlike matte black hardware, shows all the smudges your hands leave behind.

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