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Picking out the Perfect Knobs and Pulls

December 16, 2016

Ready to pick out the perfect knobs and pulls for your new cabinets?

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The process of selecting the perfect knobs and pulls for your new cabinetry should take many factors into account. When it all comes together, the right knobs and pulls not only add to the design but also enhance the function of your cabinets.

When you decide the time is right for new cabinets, there are a lot of choices to be made. If you’ve been following along in our blog, you know how to get ready to discuss your needs and have picked up some cabinet terminology along the way.

With the information we’ve provided, you can confidently decide on the right cabinet construction type for your needs. Our articles also tackle the difference between stock, semi-stock and custom cabinets. Armed with this information, you can then move on to picking out the right door style and selecting a beautiful finish that compliments your home’s décor.

But wait, there’s more! Picking the right knobs and pulls for your cabinet is the next important step to creating the perfect look.

Knobs and Pulls: Finish Options

From a finish and texture standpoint, be sure to consider how the hardware you select will work with the other sources of color in the room. When working with our designers in our showroom, we’ll suggest finish combinations that compliment your home’s style. With our extensive collections of knobs, pulls, cabinet finish and countertop material samples, you’ll have a good idea of how your choices will work together.

We strongly suggest bringing in samples or photographs of existing patterns and colors in your home as well. This will allow us to make sure the finishes blend well and make good design sense. Be sure to include your flooring, appliances, furnishings, window treatments and the color of items in adjoining rooms.

Knobs and Pulls: Style Options

Up to this point, you may not have given much thought to shape of knobs and pulls. The fact is, the shape and style of your hardware has a huge effect on how you use your cabinets. If a pull is too shallow for your hands or is difficult to grip, opening doors and drawers can be uncomfortable and awkward.

Many manufacturers of knobs and pulls produce their styles in multiple sizes. When you find a style you like, look for options with different dimensions in length, width, and depth. Make sure to pick a shape that is comfortable for your hand and easy to grasp for all members of your family. Keep in mind that a size that works well for opening and closing upper cabinet doors may be obtrusive on lower cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Knobs and Pulls: Where to Install

Once you have a style, size and finish that works for your new cabinets, the last decision to make is where to install your knobs and pulls. In most homes, you will see drawer pulls centered on the drawer fronts. This makes the most sense and provides a solid grip for opening and closing the drawers securely.

Cabinet doors offer more options for the placement of hardware. In traditional and transitional styles, doors typically have knobs or pulls horizontally centered on the stile of the door frame. On lower doors, the knob is typically placed towards the top of the stile, while on upper cabinet doors they tend to be near the bottom.

However, there are plenty of examples of cabinets with the hardware centered on the door panel. This placement tends to add a more modern look, and works well to show off the finish and style of unique knobs and pulls.

Visit Our Showroom for Advice on Knobs and Pulls!

No matter where you are in your journey to new cabinets, be sure to come in to our showroom and speak to our experienced cabinet designers. The staff at Cabinet Depot can help you try a variety of options for your new cabinets.