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Trend Alert: Metallic Details Add Warmth and Style!

September 1, 2017

Adding metallic details into kitchen and bathroom designs is a long-standing trend. While the cooler tones of nickel and stainless steel have been on the scene for quite some time, the warmer hues of copper and brass are currently taking over the limelight.

Metallic copper backsplash in kitchen

Metallic elements add a glowing, classic look and tons of visual interest to your space. Whether you add this luster through small, subtle details or grand statement designs, you’re sure to love the look of metallic materials in your kitchen or bathroom.

Trending: Metallic Details

For many years, we’ve used nickel and chrome details to add sleek, modern touches to our designs. However, for remodels that call for a warmer touch we’ve seen a real resurgence in the use of brass and copper details. Our designers use these warmer metallic tones to create a “modern-meets-classic” theme. Copper and brass elements work well for styles ranging from vintage to industrial and are easy to incorporate into almost any space.


Copper pairs well with a variety of cabinet finishes, but is especially striking when combined with dark colors. With its elemental antimicrobial properties, this highly adaptable metal is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike. We love adding copper elements such as sinks, drawer pulls and door knobs to our remodeling plans.


Brass details are a great way to add interest to a white or grey kitchen! Whether highly polished or subtly antiqued, brass elements pair nicely with natural wood tones in cabinetry. Although brass was used extensively in the past, modern iterations that incorporate sleek shapes and silky finishes are found in many of today’s top kitchen and bathroom designs.

How to Include Metallic Elements in Your Home

Metallic colors are making a splash in home décor. While copper and brass have a long history in cabinet hardware, modern kitchens are also using these materials in tile and solid material backsplashes and sinks.

Copper and Brass Backsplashes

With a wide range of choices in how the material is incorporated and finished, metallic backsplashes add an impressive swath of color and warmth to cabinet layouts. If you’re thinking of using copper or brass in your backsplash, there are many options.

To begin, decide whether you want to keep your metallic backsplash low or cover the full height of your wall. If your upper cabinets extend the full width of your base cabinets, you may want to simply fill the space left between them. If you have areas where the wall above your base cabinets is exposed up to the ceiling, a full-height backsplash can be very dramatic. However, keep in mind this requires a lot of material.

If you are reluctant to add a whole wall of copper or brass, check out some of the backsplash treatments that include the occasional metallic tile in a mosaic pattern. When mixed with colors drawn from your countertop, cabinets and flooring colors, these backsplashes add subtle interest that blends into the overall palette.

Next, start thinking about the textures that work best with the rest of your design elements. If your cabinets and countertops are relatively subdued, then take a look at punched or hammered finishes. These patterns add depth and variation that looks great on copper and brass metallic backsplashes.

Copper Sinks

Copper is a popular metal for sinks for both health and aesthetic reasons. Its antibacterial nature prevents most bacteria from growing on its surface. Another perk of choosing copper for your sink is how the metal changes over time: As your copper sink ages, it develops an attractive patina that adds depth and character.

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