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Stylish Countertops for Your Kitchen

March 3, 2017

Homeowners renovating their spaces often list countertops as their primary kitchen upgrade. Discover what countertop trends will dominate kitchen renovations this year.


Stylish Countertops at Cabinet Depot

Kitchen remodels continue to be one of the best investments a homeowner can make in 2017, and there are several exciting trends in the marketplace. Whether you desire a rustic farmhouse look or polished, contemporary vision, these new countertop looks will make you never want to leave your kitchen!

Natural and Man-made Stone Countertops

With high durability and eye-catching details, it’s no wonder that natural ad man-made stone continue to be sone of the top trends for countertops this year! The options for natural stone are practically unlimited when it comes to color and pattern. No matter what look you desire, there is a natural stone that fits the bill.

A man-made stone that is making a strong showing this year is quartz. Available in a wide range of hues, quartz has become a leading countertop material due to its resistance to stains, scratches and chips. Unlike natural stone surfaces that require yearly maintenance, quartz does not need to be resealed to retain its impervious qualities.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are budget- and environmentally-friendly. With new colors, textures, features and patterns, this material is set to make a comeback in kitchen remodels in 2017. One of the big trends in laminate is faux wood grain and natural stone patterns. For those who want the look of wood or stone without the cost, larger patterns and new edging techniques for laminate countertops create a realistic approximation.

Colored cores and new edging designs offered by manufacturers mean you can say “goodbye” to the infamous brown edge. Other options include beveled edges that create strong, crisp angles, while new textures replicate the look and feel of natural materials.

New forming techniques allow for shaped edges usually found only on countertops made of wood or stone, including bull-nose, crescent and multi-step profiles. The continuous surface of mitered edges is great for creating a harmonious look on contemporary countertops.

Can’t Decide?

When choosing your countertops, we suggest going beyond the aesthetics. Take the time to consider how you will use the countertop in your kitchen, and research the pros and cons of different materials. Fortunately, one of the trends for this year is sure to help those who simply can’t decide on a single material: Combining different styles of countertops!

Rather than limiting yourself to a single type of countertop, using multiple materials presents a myriad of options. While it is possible to obtain different materials in similar colors, interior designers often use contrasting colors to create visual drama and add versatility. Successfully adapting this approach takes a skilled eye, but when done right the results can be spectacular!

Don’t Forget the Sink!

When you’re deciding on a counter top, don’t forget about the varying sink options that are available! Traditional sinks are top mount, where the edges of the sink overlap the countertop. With the rise in popularity of solid tops, customers have turned to other options, such as under-mount and farm sinks, which work well in transitional or traditional designs.

Though not as well-known, flush mount under-mount styles are now available from manufacturers like TopZero. Be sure to check out this great new option when picking out your countertops!

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