Kitchen Focal Point: Add Some Sizzle to Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Focal Point: Add Some Sizzle to Your Kitchen Remodel

January 9, 2018

One kitchen focal point could really make your kitchen makeover sizzle. After looking critically at your space, consider adding that colorful patterned backsplash over your stove, installing a custom wooden countertop on your island or displaying your collection of antique china on a shelf. Do something that grabs the eyes and draws you into the hub of your home.

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A Kitchen Focal Point is…?

The best description we could find about this design tool comes from one of our own top product suppliers, Dura Supreme. The custom cabinetry maker says, “The focal point of any room is that spot where your eye wants to naturally rest and take it all in. Whatever the focal point, it should be dramatic and eye-catching, making a statement in the space.”

We couldn’t agree more at Cabinet Depot. But make sure you limit the number of attention-grabbing points in your kitchen. Too many can make your kitchen look cluttered, empty your pocket book, and be counterproductive to the flow you’re trying to achieve.

Eye-Catching Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Be creative but don’t over think this addition. Adding the right amount of sizzle can be as simple as installing a custom glass chandelier over the island in your kitchen. It may be dusting off that antique china hidden on the top shelf of your cabinet and putting some pieces on display for all to see. You may decide to put up a bold patterned backsplash along one wall over your kitchen sink. It could be refurbishing those funky old bar stools you found at a local flea market. Even a splash of paint on your walls, new sleek pulls or knobs, or a colorful stove can update the look and feel of your older kitchen.

It’s not necessary to break the bank. Interior design experts recommend homeowners splurge on a couple of standout items when redesigning their space.  The options are as endless as your imagination.  Paint, tile, countertops, accessories and other items can all compliment your kitchen design, as well as create outstanding accents.

No shortage of kitchen focal point ideas exist. If you get exasperated and need to crank up those creative juices, drop by the Cabinet Depot showroom. Our friendly and creative designers can bounce ideas around with you over a free cup of coffee.

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