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Increase Efficiency with a European Kitchen Design

August 25, 2017

Incorporating a European kitchen design into your home is a great way to fulfill your desire for improved efficiency and utility. Maximizing the usability of your kitchen space creates the simplicity and the elegance you need for culinary inspiration!

European kitchen design custom cabinets

The main thrust of European kitchen design is simple: No surface should go unused and no space should be wasted. This tenant primarily has its roots in the smaller living spaces of European living quarters compared to most American homes.

European Kitchen Design

Because of this restriction on space, all counter and cabinet areas must serve a definitive purpose in European kitchen design. However, no matter how much space you have, following these guidelines to make the most of your kitchen allows you to focus on entertaining and cooking for your family and guests.

Color Options

Some European kitchen designs adopt the look of a particular region or country, while other concepts are more open to reflecting individual tastes. For example, Tuscan kitchens in northern Italy usually feature the earthy colors of regional terracotta and ceramic tile for flooring and backsplashes. French country kitchens, on the other hand, often highlight wood grains and washed-out colors to create a soothing, welcoming feeling. No matter what colors you pick, European design favors those with personal meaning that flow seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Durable Materials that Enhance Efficiency

European kitchen design stresses efficiency and usability in layout as well as the materials it incorporates. For example, many of these designs include granite countertops. This natural material is favored because of its rugged durability and local origins.

For cabinets, modern European design often uses laminate surfaces. Once viewed as cheap and tacky, new manufacturing techniques are producing beautiful designs that are stronger and more durable. One of our manufacturers here at Cabinet Depot, DuraSupreme, produces wonderful custom laminate cabinetry. These cabinets feature their Alpine door style finished with a durable, high-pressure laminate surface. These laminates come in a huge variety of solid colors as well as textured and realistic wood grain patterns. The wide range of options allow you to create the European kitchen design you’ve always wanted!

Simplicity in the Details

Simplicity becomes the name of the game when using European kitchen design in your home. Eliminating busy knick-knacks and maintaining smooth surfaces helps to keep a sleek and purposeful look. Accessorizing with a few sophisticated pieces in contrasting colors pulled from other elements in your home helps the design pop with personality while blending it into your existing spaces. Draw attention to what is unique about your taste and style!

Hardware such as the knobs and pulls on cabinetry also adhere to simplistic ideals in European design. Sleek and understated hardware in a simple metal finish keeps the subtle sophistication consistent throughout your kitchen.

Let Cabinet Depot Create Your Custom European Kitchen Design!

At Cabinet Depot, we love to turn our clients’ dream designs into reality. Stop by our Design Center, have a cup of coffee and speak with our experienced designers. We’ll show you how to improve the efficiency and look of your kitchen with a European-inspired design!