Heat Up Your Kitchen with Color from Cabinet Depot

Heat Up Your Kitchen with Color from Cabinet Depot

September 25, 2017

Tired of your dull, drab kitchen? Heat up your kitchen with color! When it comes to kitchens blue, orange, yellow, green and red can really add some pop to your family’s favorite hub. Whether you focus on cabinets, countertops or both, the sky’s the limit on your color options. Get inspired and let’s create a stunning new look in your home.

heat up your kitchen with color

Sources of Inspiration

Consider your surroundings when thinking up colors for your kitchen. Do you live near the beach, the woods, hustling and bustling downtown or beautiful garden? Bringing the outside indoors can make your kitchen a part of the location you love! This integration may be as simple as adding colors that remind you of fun times on the sugary white beaches of the Gulf Coast.

Instead of looking outward, look inward. Connect with your family’s roots whether they are, Spanish, French, Southwestern or some other country or region. For example, adding vibrant colors can give off a Spanish flair.

Look to your art work or your collection to heat up your kitchen with color. This could be something you already own like landscape paintings, postage stamps or vintage license plates and road signs. This can lead to a kitchen design that holds more personal meaning to you, creating a comfortable cooking space.

Hot Looks

Two Shades of Same Color

This fail-safe approach, for example, could be used with beachy blue colors. You could have soft teal cabinets and a more saturated turquoise for the kitchen island that will help put you in a vacation state of mind. Shades of green also have grown popular. They can pair to give a kitchen a sleek feel and match beautifully with stainless steel appliances. Various shades and combos can do different things for your kitchen, while maintaining a welcoming space.


Yes, orange. From bright citrus-inspired hues to terracotta tones, orange can be calm and soothing or cheerful and fun. Orange can add warmth to a room. Choose bold shades to keep a timeless and sophisticated feel. You should know, studies have shown the color orange stimulates optimism and a positive outlook. So, start your days off right by being cheery!

Dark and Light

Rich, espresso-stained wood cabinets with softer shades for counter tops make for an eye-catching look. In fact, any toned-down shade of your favorite color mixes well with dark cabinetry. Beware! Lighter colors should not be too intense or they will overwhelm the kitchen. You want to give off that warm and cozy feeling with your dark and light color choices.

Call Cabinet Depot to Add Color to Your Home!

A little color can have an amazing effect. Cabinet Depot carries a wide-range of styles and colors of cabinets and countertops for your kitchen. Call us or stop by our showroom and let’s get to work to heat up your kitchen with color today!