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Creating an Efficient Kitchen Layout

April 13, 2017

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home! If you enjoy cooking or entertaining in this household hub of activity, make efficiency a key ingredient in your kitchen layout.

Efficient Kitchen Layout

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, a well-thought-out layout is key! Be sure your plan includes ample counter space, adequate storage and a clear path to the appliances and items you use the most.

Ample Counter Space

A layout with a generous amount of counter space gives you plenty of room to do what you do best in your kitchen: cook! The most crucial places to provide counter space are next to the refrigerator, sink and stove. Keeping these areas free of countertop appliances and clutter makes creating your latest culinary masterpiece a breeze.

If any these high-traffic areas are too small, consider including a pullout work surface for a little extra space that appears only when you need it. When the cooking is done and the guests begin to arrive, these handy additions slide back into the cabinets leaving a clean and tidy look. The layout you design should benefit your lifestyle and how you plan on using your space!


Cabinets with ample space and useful arrangements provide a winning combination of storage, organization and efficiency. Maximizing the usage of storage space makes a kitchen feel more open and less cluttered. Behind the doors and drawers, pull-out organizers help to make use of every available inch in your cabinets.

When designing the layout of your cabinets with the goal of maximizing efficiency, we recommend that silverware drawers are located near the sink and dishwasher for easy cleanup. Items that see everyday use should also be located near the sink or prep area, while less-frequently used items are best stored away from the main work area.

The Triangle Layout

Professionals refer to your sink, stove and refrigerator as the kitchen triangle. This area usually sees the greatest activity, so it pays to provide easy access to these important appliances. Regardless of your kitchen’s size or layout (L-shaped, galley, U-shaped or island), the sum of all three sides of your work triangle should be no less than 10 feet or greater than 25 feet. However, it is important to remember that these are guidelines—we design around what works best for the end user.

When the tringle is too small, people tend to get in each other’s way and trip over one another—a dangerous proposition when dealing with hot food and sharp utensils. When the triangle is too big, trips between appliances become long and efficiency goes down.

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