Beach House Kitchen Remodel

December 7, 2016
Alison approached Cabinet Depot with a real and very common problem: Her Pensacola Beach home had great bones, but suffered from an outdated kitchen. The tired cabinets were arranged in a constraining layout, while the passé finishes and out-of-date hardware did little to reflect the modern look she desired. To...
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Bob and Paula

Kitchen Counter & Cabinets

July 14, 2016
Here’s one of our favorite recent projects! Bob and Paula came to Cabinet Depot looking to update the kitchen in their newly purchased home. They had two goals in mind: to open up the kitchen to the living room area and to gain more storage space. We were able to accomplish both goals in this project. To provide...
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Tim and Marguerite

Kitchen Countertop Island

July 8, 2016
Tim and Marguerite chose Cabinet Depot based on the recommendation of a previous customer. They wanted a complete redesign of the kitchen, living room and bar area of their home. To open up the space, we needed to remove the wall between the kitchen and living room areas. However, this wall housed a large...
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Ed and Tonjia

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

July 7, 2016
Ed and Tonjia came to Cabinet Depot with their house plans before construction began on their new home. Our designers worked closely with them to discover exactly what they wanted and how they would use their new kitchen. While the builder’s plans were nice, they left the kitchen feeling separated from the...
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My experience was terrific here because they have friendly people with endless patience for people that can’t make decisions quickly. We changed our minds several times and ended up with a very fine product.
I worked with Cabinet Depot and they did all of my cabinets. They designed them and gave us pictures that made the designs come alive. They are the best, absolutely the best.
We had been thinking of selling our house, and found out that redoing the kitchen was most important to raise the price of our house. And so we redid the kitchen with Cabinet Depot, and now I don’t want to sell it!
We had a set of house plans that had a big square where the kitchen was, and we had no clue how to fill it properly. We came in and Cabinet Depot designed and gave us a three-dimensional print out so we knew exactly what the kitchen would look like before we put the first cabinet in. We were thrilled!
We looked many places before going to Cabinet Depot, and we are so pleased with our choice. For anyone looking to redo their kitchen your business is THE only one I would ever recommend.