Month: July 2016

What is a Shaker Door?

July 7, 2016
When deciding on the options for your new cabinets, an important first step is deciding on the style of your cabinet doors. The ones you choose will set the stage for developing the overall feeling of your cabinets and the room in which they are installed. One of the most popular styles of cabinet doors is called...
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How to Choose the Right Cabinets for You

In our last post, we discussed the practical matters involved in buying new cabinets: taking measurements, doing research, and gathering samples. Today, we would like to tackle a tougher question: How do you choose the right cabinets for you? We often encounter clients who are overwhelmed with all of the choices...
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How to Choose New Cabinets: Getting Ready

Perhaps your kitchen needs a refreshing facelift to finally bring it into the 21st century after all these years. Or maybe you’re building a new home and you need to let your contractor know your floor plan decisions. However you arrived at your decision, there are several things you can do prepare to choose new...
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